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Evaluating your website accessibility

Evaluating your websites accessibility   As digital accessibility uptake increases within the business world it’s crucial that you familiarise yourself with the various levels of compliance set out within the WCAG guidelines; there are three different levels, those being:     Level A: This is the minimal, or lowest level of compliance. Rather than highlighting elements […]

Accessibility | Design

What affects an individual’s access to the web?

The varying elements that can alter a user’s ability to access   Accessibility is a continually evolving subject with growing awareness around the variety of disabilities that can leave an individual with limited access to the web. However, when discussing accessibility, it’s important to understand that there are in-fact many different types of access barriers […]

Accessibility | Design

What is digital accessibility

What is accessibility   Accessibility is, as it sounds, a term used to refer to an individual’s “ability to access” and benefit from a system or entity. The concept is focussed on enabling proper and successful use through the design of devices, products, and environments for those limited by disabilities or that rely on the […]

Accessibility | Design

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The Benefits of Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping?    Rapid Prototyping is a process in the name of efficiency. It’s effectively rapidly creating solutions which are tested and refined prior to development. Nobody wants to create an almost-complete product and then have to go back to the drawing board… after all, money doesn’t grow on trees.    Building successful products    The excitement of rushing to build […]

Design | Insights

The Marriage of the Rational & Emotional

This whitepaper details REO’s methodology for designing an online experience that meets both the commercial objectives of an organisation along with the needs of its customers. Easily said, less simple to achieve.   A methodology is defined as ‘a system of methods’, a description which correctly highlights the connected and interdependent nature of every element: […]

Whitepaper | Design

Most Read Articles

5 Tips to Improve Usability Testing

Usability testing is the testing of a website or application to gauge its level of usability. Contrary to popular belief, ‘usability’ does not refer to how easy it is to use the website or application, but rather user satisfaction, type of engineering, as well as some other factors that provides you with valuable information on […]

Analytics | Insights

The Business Case for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Introduction   Conversion Rate Optimisation is now mainstream digital marketing, yet it still seems to lack the budget recognition it needs and deserves. We have 10 years’ worth of data from 10 editions of our CRO Reports (written in conjunction with econsultancy) that consistently make this very point stating that: lack of budget was a […]

A/B Testing | Analytics

Building a Personalisation Strategy

Personalisation has been on everyone’s lips for many years, but which website really offers it? In the following article, we’re going to take a look at how businesses can make the transition from the seemingly aloof to a brand that truly cares about their customers.     Why is Personalisation Important?     According to research, nearly 44% of […]

CRO | Personalisation

Our favourite articles

Usability Testing: To Moderate or Not to Moderate?

The best way to get close to your users and customers is by using moderated and unmoderated usability testing methods. While they can be highly effective methods of evaluating an ecommerce website and solving the consumer’s problems, both moderated and unmoderated methodologies can be hard to employ effectively even for the most seasoned practitioners.    […]

Insights | Research

Digital Experiences are more important than ever

What is a digital experience?   In its simplest form, a Digital Experience is when a person interacts with a business, service or organisation, that is only possible because of a digital technology or interface.   To illustrate this, consider reading digital print. Reading a book for example on a screen is not a “digital […]

Digital Experience | Insights

Invest in CRO to improve CX

Investment in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is low   Conversion Rate Optimisation, the continual process a business follows to make it easier and easier for website visitors to complete their desired outcome is, today in 2020, widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. Despite the prevalence and proven benefits of CRO, compared to acquisition in […]

A/B Testing | CRO

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