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Google Analytics Audit

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Analytics & Data Team

Is your data accurate and reliable? 


An informed business makes decisions based on their data, but do you really trust your analytics? Are your KPIs correctly captured? Does your tracking comply with your privacy policy?


Discover how you can improve your data collection through an in-depth Google Analytics audit.



What your Google Analytics audit and health check includes


The audit covers 45+ elements, broken down into themes:



1  Accuracy


Does your tracking correctly fire when it’s supposed to?


Identify duplicates, inaccurate page and product tracking, and ensure that your marketing efforts are visible and available within the platform.



2  Completeness


Is the full scope of your website or app offerings covered by your tracking? Are all core KPIs being tracked? Do you take full advantage of the user id features in GA that would give you a better understanding of your customers?


Review your setup and ensure that your data is complete and collecting clear and understandable analytics in both function and purpose.



3  Compliance


Only capture data that users have consented to and ensure that you minimise any data loss once consent is gained.



Your audit can be further enriched with access to your tag management system; allowing us to examine your tracking at the point of collection and post processing allows us to ensure everything is streamlined according to best practices to minimally impact performance. This can also help to document the implementation as it currently exists.



With REO we found the perfect partner, their unique approach really stood out.

Add-ons available to you


  • Google Analytics 4 migration and configuration
  • Tracking and tagging support
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Developer documentation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Trouble shooting
  • Google Analytics training


Make the most of your analytics

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