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Google Analytics 4 Training

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How can we help you?

How does Google Analytics 4 (GA4) fit into your tech stack? How have important concepts, like sessions, changed between iterations? How can you get the most out of your data?


Enabled through a range of theory and practical exercises you will be able to take full advantage of GA4 – take a deep dive beyond the tech features and interface and learn to draw valuable insights from all areas of the platform.


How does it help me and my business?

  • Ensure you collect the right data at the right time
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers’ behaviours
  • Align event tracking with your business needs to reach your goals
  • Discover and repair any existing tagging and tracking issues
  • Optimise your GA4 and Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementations
  • Improve overall data quality, accuracy, and relevancy


How will it work?

We have created 3 modules to ensure that you maximise the value of GA4:


1  Laying the foundations Here you cover the fundamentals – What is GA4? How does the tracking function? What are the key differences that you need to be aware of?


2  Getting Specific – Hone in on what YOU need to know – Dive into your key data processing concepts, and discover how to optimise GA4’s new custom reporting systems to fit your needs.


3  Deep Dive – Find the hidden value as you take a deep dive into GA4’s marketing data management and conversion tracking. Build out detailed attribution accreditation, and performance reporting.


Who is it for?

Whether you’re a basic or advanced user, we can provide a tailored program to meet your needs.


To discuss your requirements with one of our consultants, please complete the from.


The training provided by REO was well structured and accommodated for the range of abilities and experience.

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Session 1: Laying the Foundations


This session covers the fundamentals – What is GA4? How does the tracking function? What are the key differences that you need to be aware of?


What will you learn in this course?


Learn about Google’s new event definition, before exploring 3 key stages of the GA4 setup: tag configuration, enhanced measurement, and custom event tracking. In addition you will cover GA4 terminology, standard reporting features, and where to find your key data.




  • Understanding key GA4 terms
  • How does GA4 fit into your tech stack?
  • Setting up your GA4 correctly
  • How does website tracking function?
  • Interface 101 – standard report manipulation



Session 2: Getting Specific


Session 2 will focus on more complex configuration requirements as well as Google’s new definition and recognition of users. This session will also enable you to begin utilising custom reporting and segmentation to meet your business needs. 


What will you learn in this course?


Split into two halves, this session will first focus on data processing and GA4’s combination of interactions to create sessions. The second half of the session will focus on how you can utilise and display your data so that it can be used by you and the wider organisation.




  • Learn how Google processes sessions and users
  • What new features come with cookieless tracking? (User ID and Google Signals)
  • Discover the function of Google’s new predictive and modelled data features
  • Interface 102 – Custom reporting and segmentation



Session 3: Deep Dives


Discover how you can use marketing information and conversion tracking to better understand your marketing efforts.


What will you learn in this course?


This session will help you understand how visitors navigate to your site and what matters once they arrive. Learn the more complex elements of UTM tracking, GA4’s ruleset for marketing channel grouping, and conversion tracking.


Discover how to bring all of your learnings together as attribution models inside of GA4, the new data driven machine, and the reports you can use to interrogate this.




  • Acquisition focus: UTM tagging and default channel rules
  • Conversion focus: conversion events & ecommerce tracking
  • Attribution: what is it and how do standard and data-driven models build your in-platform reports?


Make the most of your analytics

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