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When to consider CX Research

Research can and should act as a strategic lever to de-risk digital strategy, identify unmet customer needs and facilitate innovation.


Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative research our bespoke service allows you to understand your customers on a fundamental level and is intended to ensure that critical product decisions are based on real user needs, as opposed to assumptions. As the scope of insights are so broad, this is ideal to inform large, forward-thinking decisions or validate the need to create a new product.


After analysing the research we will provide you with a report and recommendations based on a deep insight into your user’s behaviour, what they need and how this relates to your current product or service. We can also provide detailed personas to inform your decision making and ensure a customer first approach moving forward.

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How does it work, what will I learn?


Each UX research project is different: the problems, the levers, the constraints, the aspirations. All research projects therefore begin with a discovery phase to identify and frame the problem correctly. Once we have a clearly defined problem statement we will recommend the best research methods. As the research progresses we may suggest adapting it as new insights surface.


Typically UX research aims to answer deep questions such as:


  • Who should we build this product for?
  • What do my users really want?
  • What type of behaviours do my users exhibit?
  • How can we design our product around my users behaviours?
  • How are my users solving this problem without my product?
  • What will make this product successful?

Already formulated a research brief?

If you have already drafted a research brief you would like us to review, please simply fill in the form and we will get straight back to you and discuss your requirements.

Typical Research Methods

User Interviews
Diary Studies
Observational Research
Multifaceted approach


User Interviews


We employ a thorough line of questioning using a laddering technique to unearth the motivations, reasoning and consequences of customer behaviour. Without putting them in-front of a product, we are getting critical and honest feedback that isn’t skewed by an existing solution.


Diary Studies


We capture events and feedback in your users’ lives over a period of time to get an accurate snapshot of their real-life environment, needs and behaviour.


Observational Research


We observe your users in the field, outside of a lab and see their behaviour for ourselves, first-hand for accurate insights.


Multifaceted approach


Your users are complicated. Sometimes we need multiple approaches to understand them and meet your goals. All of these can be done in isolation, but we can also create a tailored, purpose-fit approach for your project.


So, how do we get started?

1  Fill in the form to request a call back.


2  Our UX specialists will initially complete a free scoping workshop.


3  We agree commercials.


4  UX Research begins.


Getting closer to your customers leads to better experiences.

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